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Natural Health, Changing Lifestyle, Getting Healthy

Where Seeds of Truth Become An Orchard of Knowledge

Registered Nurse & Certified Health Educator

I am a Registered Nurse and Certified Health Educator dedicated to helping families live happier, healthier lives through complimentary healing.

As a health educator, I will help you create
and accomplish realistic health and wellness goals
completely customized for you, your body and


My goal as a health educator is to improve
the quality of your life - not just by providing
remedies to short-term or chronic symptoms, but
by addressing the root causes of your ailments.
This is accomplished using whole food nutrition, lifestyle changes and on-going support via office visits, email or phone.

Health Educator, Registered Nurse, Nutrition Coach
Citrus Fruits

Your Journey Towards Health Begins Today.

 “I’ve been struggling with digestive issues for years but after taking your supplements and following your diet recommendations, I’ve seen a huge improvement. I’m so happy to have found a solution.”

- Deborah T.

 “The Heart Sound Recorder showed I was deficient in some essential vitamins and minerals. I was feeling tired and run down for years. After following Peggy's nutrition program for a few weeks, my energy levels are back up and I feel more energetic. I don't ever want to run out of Cataplex B-Core. I now have my life back”

- Olivia G.

 "I was suffering from frequent migraines that I couldn't seem to move past. After trying various treatments, I consulted with Peggy who helped me identify the root cause of my migraines. Through a combination of diet changes and nutritional supplements, I was able to get my migraines under control. I am now migraine-free"

- Will J.

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