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Registered Nurse & Certified Health Educator

I graduated nursing school in 1973 and worked in the intensive care/cardiac care unit where I saw many of the same patients admitted over and over again with the side effects of the drugs they were sent home on and/or their condition was worse. It was then I decided to take a more natural approach and believed prevention was the only way to go.

I became a Certified Health Educator then purchased a colon hydrotherapy business in Boston expanding that into offering nutrition consultations. I remained there for 13 years before moving to Florida in 1998. During this time I trained in 5 different methods of muscle testing, colon hydrotherapy, tongue and fingernail analysis and evaluating nutrition on the Heart Sound Recorder.

I offer a variety of services to my clients including detailed health questionnaires, Heart Sound Recorder and nutrition consultations. I often utilize various lab
tests to assist me in helping you regain or maintain optimum health.
Recommending whole food supplements, herbs, homeopathics, dietary changes and cleansing programs, I have helped hundreds of people improve their health since 1986.
I have found that an educated client is a healthy client. I want you to be well informed so you make wise decisions regarding your body.

Registered Nurse, Certified Health Educator, Clinical Nutrition

What You Can Expect

If you are looking for a quick fix, I may not be your person. I am committed to helping you with your health issues for the long haul. Sure there are times when you have an acute body problem like a cold or flu. This can often be resolved quickly. For chronic health issues we need a different approach. Together we will get to the root cause of your body condition and create a health plan that works for you. My goal is to educate you so your health decisions are based on knowledge and not on fear.

Digestion, Digestion help

Reset Your Digestive System

Healthy Lifestyle

Adopt A Healthy


Health goals

Set Health


Healthy Eating Habits

Establish Proper Eating Habits

Personalized Health Plan

Personalized Nutrition Plan

Health Makeover

Refrigerator & Cupboard Makeover

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