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Services Offered

Vegan Bowl

Clinical Nutrition

I utilize a variety of techniques and testing to determine what nutritional modifications and support you need.

When attempting to assist the body’s natural healing processes, in regards to both short and long term conditions, it is necessary to evaluate all potential underlying causes. Evaluating all areas of dysfunction requires me to address nutrition, diet and life-style choices.

Applied Kinesiology
Nutrition Exam

I use applied kinesiology (muscle testing) and the nutrition exam as tools to assist me in finding the root cause of the body problem. I have been certified in 5 different types of kinesiology or muscle testing.  Kinesiology and the nutrition exam are used to test patients to design a proper diet and supplement program that will help repair the body.

Paper Cut Heart

Heart Sound Recorder

The Heart Sound Recorder (HSR) is a General Wellness Device that records the sounds of the heart valves. The HSR graphs the sound and movement of the heart so that the rate, rhythm and tone of the heart may be evaluated and specific nutritional deficiencies can be addressed with proper diet and supplements.

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